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Geologist Exam

Geology and its allied disciplines are concerned with the structure, dynamics and evolution of the earth and its natural mineral and energy resources. Specialists like hydro-geologists focus on water table and the properties of water below and on the earths surface, geo-physicists focus on theories of physics to study the earths interior and marine geologist focus on the ocean basins continental shelves and coastal environment.

The UPSC conducts Geologists' Examination every year to recruit Geologist in the Central Government organization.  The Examination is conducted in accordance with the Rules published by the Ministry of Mines in the Gazette of India.

The recruitment is done under the two main categories. The following lists shows the vacancies in each category for 2010.

Category I: Geological Survey of India, Ministry of Coal and Mines – Junior Geologist (Group A): 300

Assistant Geologist: 51

Category II: Central Ground Water Board, Ministry of Water Resources:

Jr. Hydro geologist: 10

For detailed instructions about Application Procedure, Vacancies, Eligibility Conditions, and Examination click on one of links in the left column.