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Previous Papers: Civil Services Mains 2009

Civil Services Mains Exam 2009 Paper

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General Studies

Paper I

Paper II


Optional Subjects for Main Examination

Agriculture Paper I

Agriculture Paper II

Animal Husbandary & Veterinary Science Paper I

Animal Husbandary & Veterinary Science Paper II

Anthropology Paper I

Anthropology Paper II

Botony Paper I

Botony Paper II

Chemistry Paper I

Chemistry Paper II

Civil Engineering Paper I

Civil Engineering Paper II

Commerce & Accountancy Paper I

Commerce & Accountancy Paper II

Economics Paper I

Economics Paper II

Electrical Engineering Paper I

Electrical Engineering Paper II

Geography Paper I

Geography Paper II

Geology Paper I

Geology Paper II

History Paper I

History Paper II

Law Paper I

Law Paper II

Management Paper I

Management Paper II

Mathematics Paper I

Mathematics Paper II

Mechanical Engineering Paper I

Mechanical Engineering Paper II

Medical Science Paper I

Medical Science Paper II

Philosphy Paper I

Philosphy Paper II

Physics Paper I

Physics Paper II

Political Science & Internation Relations Paper I

Political Science & Internation Relations Paper II

Psychology Paper I

Psychology Paper II

Public Administration Paper I

Public Administration Paper II

Sociology Paper I

Sociology Paper II

Statistics Paper I

Statistics Paper II

Zoology Paper I

Zoology Paper II


Literature Subjects for Main Examination

Arabic Paper I

Arabic Paper II

Assamese Paper I

Assamese Paper II

Bengali Paper I

Bengali Paper II

Bodo Paper I

Bodo Paper II

Dogri Paper I

Dogri Paper II

English Paper I

English Paper II

French Paper I

French Paper II

Gujarati Paper I

Gujarati Paper II

Hindi Paper I

Hindi Paper II

Kannada Paper I

Kannada Paper II

Konkani Paper I

Konkani Paper II

Manipuri Paper I

Manipuri Paper II

Maithili Paper I

Maithili Paper II

Malayalam Paper I

Malayalam Paper II

Marathi Paper I

Marathi Paper II

Oriya Paper I

Oriya Paper II

Pali Paper I

Pali Paper II

Persian Paper I

Persian Paper II

Punjabi Paper I

Punjabi Paper II

Sanskrit Paper I

Sanskrit Paper II

Santali Paper I

Santali Paper II

Tamil Paper I

Tamil Paper II

Telugu Paper I

Telugu Paper II

Urdu Paper I

Urdu Paper II