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Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC)

During the British regime, the Maharja used to appoint the functionaries of the state of Manipur. After independence of India, Manipur was merged into the Indian Union on 15th October, 1949 and became a centrally administered area. It was declared as a Union Territory under the States’ Re-Organisation Act 1956 and Constitution (Seventh Amendment) Act 1956. Subsequently, the Territorial status was abolished and Manipur attained statehood on 21st January, 1972 under the North- East Area (Re-organisation) Act 1971. On 3rd October, 1972 the Governor of Manipur issued the order of constitution of the Manipur Public Service Commission under Article 318 with one Chairman and two Members.


One of the main functions of the commission is to conduct examinations and interviews for appointment to various services of the State.

For current list of notifications check “notifications”.

Functions of MPSC

  1. Recruitment of the Candidates

                          I.            On the basis of Interview only

                          II.            On the basis of screening test & Interview

                          III.            On the basis of Examination only

                          IV.            On the basis of Examination & Interview only

                          V.            On the basis of Preliminary Examination, Main Examination & Interview 

  1. Promotions
  2. Disciplinary Actions
  3. Service Rules
  4. Advice to the Manipur Government

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