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Eligibility for KPSC

Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC)



  • Must be a citizen of India; OR
  • Subject of Nepal; OR
  • Subject of Bhutan; OR
  • A Tibetan who has migrated to India before 1st January 1962 with the intention of permanently settling in India; OR
  • Person of Indian origin who has migrated from Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka and East African Countries of Kenya, Uganda and United Tanzanian Republic (erstwhile Tanganyika and Zanzibar) with the intention of permanently settling in India.

General Conditions

  • Shall be of good character;
  • Unless otherwise exempted by the Government, a candidate if male shall not have more than one wife living and if female shall not have married a person who has a wife living.

Age Limit

  • The upper age limit prescribed shall be raised by five years in the case of candidates belonging to any of the Scheduled Castes, by three years in the case of candidates belonging to any of the Other Backward Classes.
  • The maximum age limit laid down for appointment to any post shall not apply in the case of candidates who are converted to other religions or Scheduled Tribes.
  • Where age alone stands in the way of recruitment of candidates belonging to any of the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes or adult members of the Scheduled Castes converted to other religions and their children or Scheduled Tribes converted to other religions the upper age limit will be relaxed to fill up the quota reserved for them.
  • Relaxation of age will be allowed to all provisional employees of the Kerala Government (whether they continue in service or relieved from service)
  • The maximum age limit prescribed for appointment to a post will be relaxed in the case of Ex-servicemen to the extent of the period of service put in by them in the Defence Forces and the period of unemployment on discharge up to a maximum of five years. The relaxation on upper age limit allowed to Ex-servicemen will be extended to Ex-GREF personnel, reservists, retired Defence Service Personnel, Disembodied Territorial Army Personnel, those who have rendered service in the erstwhile Travancore-Cochin Labour Units. N.C.C. Cadet Instructors who have been retrenched after a specified period of service and the retrenched whole time N.C.C. Instructors who have put in minimum period of service of six months before retrenchment. Copies of discharge certificate and the Certificate obtained from the District Sainik Welfare Officer shall be produced in proof of service in the defence forces and the period of unemployment respectively as and when required by the Commission.
  • Physically handicapped persons (the blind, the deaf and dumb and the orthopedically handicapped) may also apply if they satisfy all the prescribed qualifications except age. The case of each such applicant will be considered on merit if he is found to be otherwise suitable and provided that he can discharge the duties attached to the post satisfactorily. Age concession up to 15 years will be granted to the blind and the deaf and dumb and 10 years to the orthopedically handicapped persons.

The term physically handicapped includes the following categories:-

  1. The Blind - The blind are those who suffer any of the following conditions:
  2. Total absence of sight.
  • Visual acuity not exceeding 6/60 or 20/200(Snellen) in the better eye with correcting lenses.
  • Limitation of the field of vision sub standing and angle of 20 degree or worse”.
  • The deaf:- The deaf are those in whom the sense of hearing is fully non-functional for the ordinary purpose of life.
  • The dumb :- The term dumb means one in whom the power of speech is non-functional for the ordinary purpose of life.
  • The Orthopaedically handicapped:- The Orthopaedically handicapped are those who have physical defect or` deformity which causes adequate interference to significantly impede normal functioning of the bones, muscles and joints.
  • The upper age limit will be relaxed in the case of ex-employees of the Bharat Sevak Samaj engaged for the execution of any Scheme financed by the State or Central Government to the extent of their service in the Samaj provided they are otherwise qualified and provided further they shall not have passed 40 years of age on the 1st day of January of the year in which applications are invited.
  • The inmates as well as Ex-inmates of After Care Homes, Orphanages, Rescue Homes and Ex-inmates of Juvenile Homes and Special Homes which are recognised by Government or are receiving grant from Government shall be allowed age relaxation up to 10 (Ten) years for appointment to posts in the various services of the State if they are otherwise qualified.
  • The upper age limit shall be relaxed in the case of the Labourers of the Indo-Swiss Project to the extent of their service in the project, if they are otherwise qualified.
  • Ex-home Guards Volunteers who have completed a tenure of three years in the Organisation and who had undergone training during the period satisfactorily will be allowed age relaxation for the entire period of their service in the Home Guards Organisation for all appointments in Public Service. They will also be allowed age relaxation for the period of their unemployment subject to a maximum period of seven years of such appointments.
  • ”The crucial date for determining the upper age limit of trained apprentice to all appointments in non-Gazetted/Class III and Class IV /posts in Government and to equivalent post in Government owned/controlled Companies, Boards, Corporations will be determined by deducting from his age the period of apprenticeship/training undergone by him as prescribed under the Apprentices Act, 1961, subject to the condition that the apprenticeship/training is in the same Organisation or in the same line of work/trade”.
  • The upper age limit will be relaxed in the case of candidates who have rendered service in the personal staff of Ministers/Leader of Opposition/Govt. Chief Whip/Speaker/Deputy Speaker/Chairmen of Financial Committees of Kerala to the extent to the period of their said service provided they are otherwise qualified.

Special concession regarding educational qualifications

  • In case where the minimum educational qualification for posts other than teaching posts in College is prescribed as first or second class Degree/Diploma it shall be fixed as the lowest class of such Degree/Diploma in respect of candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
  • If in a selection between Ex-serviceman and non-Ex-serviceman, who satisfy the other conditions regarding age and qualifications get the same mark the Ex-serviceman will be given preference for recruitment.
  • National Apprenticeship Certificate holder will be given preference over National Trade Certificate holders in the matter of selection of candidates.
  • In all cases of selections, except those specifically excluded, the Physically Handicapped Candidates will be given grace marks at the discretion of the Commission subject to a maximum of 12% marks to the blind and the deaf and dumb and 10% marks to the orthopedically handicapped. In cases where selections are made on the results of written examination alone the Physically Handicapped Candidates will be interviewed and the grace marks awarded at the interview will be added to the marks obtained by them at the written examinations and their ranks decided accordingly.
  • Extra marks will be awarded to meritorious Sportsmen who possess the requisite qualifications and are within age, in selections to Class III and Class IV posts.
  • ”In the case of direct recruitment to the following categories of posts in Government services the selection to which is made on District-wise basis, candidates who apply to such posts to the District to which they belong are eligible for weight age of five marks provided they are otherwise qualified and eligible to be included in the ranked list.

Name of Post

1. Driver (Heavy Duty Vehicles) Various Departments

2. Driver (Light Duty Vehicles)

3. Deckman

4. Boat Driver

5. Boat Syrang

6. Attender (Graining plates) Survey and Land Records

7. Attender (Plate Cleaning)

8. Plumber Public Works

9. Roller Cleaner

10. Dark Room Assistant Public Ralations

11. Cinema Operator

12. Mechanic Fisheries

13. Oil Engine Driver Agriculture

14. Power Laundry Attender Technical Education

15. Driver-cum-Operator Scheduled Castes Development/ Scheduled Tribe Development

Non-Technical Posts

1. Post in Last Grade Service Various Departments

2. Forest Guard Forest

3. Depot Watcher/Reserve Watcher Forest

4. Ayah Scheduled Castes Development/

Scheduled Tribe Development

5. Masseur Ayurveda Colleges

6. Attender Judicial

7. Attender Survey and Land Records

8. Last Grade Service National Cadet Corp.

9. Last Grade Service Sainik Welfare

10. Villageman Revenue

11. Lascar Printing

12. Lascar Agricultural Income Tax and Sales Tax

13. Galley Pressman Gr.II Government Presses

14. Fisherman Fisheries

15. Gallery Attendant Sri Chitra Art Gallery

16. Helper (Pre-primary Schools) Education

17. Projector Operator

18. Excise Guard Excise