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New UPSC Exam Pattern suspended

Recently UPSC had issued a new exam pattern for the Civil Services Examination. Under the new pattern, Engligh had a higher weightage. Also, the students could not appear for the exam in a regional language unless they had graduated from that specific language as a medium.

There was a big uproar over the issue by the student community. Finally, the issue reached the parliament.

Today, on Friday, 15 March the government suspended the new pattern. The announcement was made by the Minister of State for Personnel V Narayanasamy. 

Indian Forest Service Exam now has Prelims too

Civil Services Exams select candidates for elite central services like IAS, IFS, IPS, IIS, IRS, etc. whereas, the IFoS exam selects officers for Indian Forest Service. This is the first time that preliminary exams have been introduced for IFos. The preliminary test screens aspirants on the basis of their aptitude, general awareness, and analytical skills. However, introduction of preliminary test does not change the basic eligibility criteria which are science and engineering graduates.

UPSC Mains Pattern is changing !

UPSC Mains pattern is changing !

A panel headed by former UGC chairman, Arun Nigavekar proposed changes in the Civil Services Exam pattern. The change was recommended keeping in mind the present day need and requirements. The exams are generally conducted in three different stages viz. preliminary, main and personality test. The personality test is more commonly known as the interview. The exam pattern for the preliminary was changed in 2011 by including an aptitude test.

Delhi High Court asks UPSC about the new CSAT pattern

Delhi High Court has asked UPSC as to provide information about the new pattern of UPSC that has been in place since 2011. More specifically, the High Court has asked UPSC for information about the expert panel on whose recommendation this change was made.

The bone of contention here is the English Comprehension section in the paper-II due to which English is now compulsory for all students.

The pattern for UPSC was changed in 2011 and the new pattern of the exam is commonly known as CSAT. In this pattern a new aptitude paper has been introduced.


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Article By: Santosh Gupta
Santosh is a UPSC aspirant and a student of IIT-Kharagpur