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What is US shutdown and will it affect India?

What is US shutdown? Can a country ever shutdown?

In US, the power and the responsibility to allocate funds lies with the US Congress. The Congress in US is similar to what we call the Parliament in India.

The US congress has two houses: The House of Representatives and the Senate. You are right ! Its just like Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

Men with a vision that UPSC calls blind

This is a story of four brave men who have stood ground despite their hardships. We are not talking about soldiers but their effort has been no less heroic. This is the story of Shiwam Kumar, Pankaj Srivastava, Abhishek Kumar and Rahul Mittal.

Lets call them SPAR.

Technically, Spar is a pole on a ship that supports the sails. Our SPAR heroes have stood tall. 

Insights from Civil Services Final Selections

One out of every five successful candidates is a girl !

Girl students have had a phenomenal performance this year. Starting with the topper Harita V, girls have bagged five out of top ten positions. According to an analysis rougly 19-20% successful candidates are girls.

Minister says there is shortage of IAS officers

There is a shortage of IAS officers in India.

V Narayanasamy, Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions gave this information through a written response in Rajya Sabha.

Following is the list of vacant positions:

Uttar Pradesh - 135 posts 

West Bengal - 119 

Madhya Pradesh - 105

Bihar - 90

Jharkhand - 84

Andhra Pradesh - 78 

Arunachal Pradesh - 78

Goa - 78

Mizoram  - 78

Rajasthan - 75

Tamil Nadu - 67

Maharashtra - 62

Karnataka - 60

Kerala - 60

Changes in UPSC: What It was and What It Will be........

Are you planning to give the UPSC exams? Are you aware of the changes that have been introduced in these exams? If not, then keep reading; for, below is a list of existing rules and changes that have been introduced by the exam committee:


English was until now only a qualifying exam. Keeping in mind the importance of language on a worldwide platform the exam commission has decided to consider the marks as a part of the candidate’s overall score.

Medium of answers