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What is the CTC of an IAS officer?

What is the CTC of an IAS Officer

Indian Adminstrative Services is arguably the most prestigious job in India. So how much money does an IAS officer make? You must have heard about CTC numbers from people working in IT and Software industry. Lets understand the CTC of an IAS officer.

IAS Officers go through five different pay scales Junior Scale, Senior Time Scale, Junior Administrative Grade , Selection Grade and Super Time Scale

When a person gets selected as an IAS, yes that is after the Prelims, Mains, and the Interview, he or she joins at a Junior Time Scale. 


Basic Pay during Junior Time Scale is Rs 23,640

D.A. (107%): Rs 25,295

H.R.A.(30%): Rs 7,092

T.A.: 5,280

Total: Rs 61,307 per month. 

This amounts to Rs. 7,35,684 per year. So, the starting CTC of an IAS officer is less than Rs. 8 Lakhs per year. However, this number does not include the benefits such as Car and other benefits. Some of the benefits include free electricity and phones, study leaves, pension and retirement benefits.

If money is the only motivation, perhaps there are other better jobs. However, if you look at the power, prestige, respect, and satisfaction through social service, there is nothing better than IAS.